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ISPAROMAR - Zsolt Szabó

“The 21st-century bearer and innovator of the Daguerre heritage and the Proust tradition is the photographer Zsolt Sza- bó, who completed his studies at the University of Pécs and the Sorbonne in Paris. He regards two masters of Hungarian origin: André Kertész and László Moholy-Nagy and their work as a source of inspiration. His surreal, conceptual world view was greatly influenced by the Italian artists Giorgio de Chirico and Piero Manzoni. For Zsolt Szabó, photography is an analogue art technique that offers inexhaustible physical and chemical meeting points in the endless set of negative and positive images of memory, in the fertile interaction of light and silver ions. His photographs are made on analogue films, and he develops them manually using Baryta paper.

Looking at Szabó’s works, there is no question: photography is the art of memory and reminder; therefore, it is a precious thing. Both in an intellectual, material, or financial sense. His works of art and artefacts are more valuable than the material they are made of and about, because they also represent his intellectual value, his embodied thought. In Zsolt Szabó’s photographs, he strives to capture, preserve and present the thought behind the sight, the personal synthesis of memory and the moment. For him, photography is a kind of primary referent: on a par with the content that is depicted, existed, or
happened: autonomous photography is the art of photography itself, everything else is just the field of application of a technical medium.”
Zita N. Kovács